History of the Eiskarhütte, how it all began ...

October 1971

the Eiskarhütte was built by Rudi and Helga Mitterwallner with a small kitchen and a guest room for only three tables. Just one year later, the house was enlarged by 5 metres. This was not an easy undertaking, as the building material had to be delivered by tractor over the ski slope. A road to the Eiskarhütte did not yet exist at that time. A spring also had to be tapped, and since it lies 700 metres below the hut, the water has to be pumped up to this day.

In the first two years of its existence, only winter operations were planned at the Eiskarhütte.


the Eiskarhütte was also open in summer and the Reiteralm road was extended to the hut.



the next extension was realised and an urgently needed "staff house" was built and for guests who wanted to spend the night high up on the mountain, a so-called mattress camp was created as an "emergency camp".

The ongoing expansion of the Reiteralm also created the need for a third extension. In 1976, part of the guest room was replaced by a larger one and more sleeping spaces were created.



a new home was built in Gleiming for the Mitterwallner family, which in the meantime had grown to six people. Staff rooms were also added to this house.



the Eiskarhütte grew again a little by adding a garage and an extension to the staff house.



The constantly increasing winter tourism in the region made it necessary to build a self-service area in addition to the service area, which was realised together with a connection between the staff and the main house.



two private flats and additional staff rooms were built.


Until today

renovations have been carried out again and again in order to be able to serve the guests in the best possible way and as quickly as possible. Currently, the Eiskarhütte has 180 seats indoors and up to 400 seats on the terrace.


Since 2003

son Thomas has been running the Eiskarhütte with the energetic help of the entire Mitterwallner family, who all bring a lot of joy and passion to the well-being of the guests.



we expanded new guest rooms, which are furnished with lots of wood and attention to detail.